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A little history

Two decades ago, way back in 1995, when Microsoft Windows 95 was released, DiGiTaL Information Systems (DiS) was founded.

DiS was established not by a software specialist, but by a manufacturing professional, with over fifteen years experience in discrete manufacturing from shop floor operator to General Manager in the UK, in Singapore, and in Malaysia.

Our quest both now and then, is to help other manufacturers overcome the challenges faced daily, particularly in the areas of resource scheduling and tracking the progress, status and costs of work on the production shop floor.

We believe that our integrated information solutions facilitate continued business success and growth, and that real-time and on-time information is essential in ensuring fast responses to your customer's needs.

What we do

We understand the manufacturing industry, and we know what it's like to have 'swarf' in the soles of our shoes.

Most would agree that in a manufacturing business, production is the heart that drives everything else, and if you really want to boost productivity, efficiency, throughput and profits, then your focus should be on optimizing the manufacturing operations and not the administrative departments.

Our focus is on the low-volume, high-mix sector, our manufacturing solutions have advanced manufacturing, engineering, scheduling and real-time execution capabilities not found in most traditional MRP/ERP type systems.

We aim to help accelerate your operational productivity, reduce lead-times, and increase visibility, throughput & profits by re-engineering your business.