IndySoft Calibration is the industry-leading software for preventive maintenance and the calibration and management of gauges, instruments and equipment. brochure

The ultimate in gauge calibration management software is now available in Singapore and features extensive quality compliance, customisable events, and powerful custom reporting features.

IndySoft Corporation has been providing quality calibration management solutions for almost two decades and serves almost 100 of the Fortune 500 companies.

Their customer base spans the world with installations ranging from small calibration labs to full enterprise corporate solutions.

With an emphasis on security and flexibility, IndySoft Calibration offers both large scale corporate environments and smaller operations alike a customisable system ready to meet their exacting needs.

IndySoft Calibration offers support for leading enterprise database solutions, making it perfect for deployment on large-scale corporate systems.

Available in what is commonly referred to as two-tier (LAN) and three-tier (WAN) versions, IndySoft Calibration Enterprise delivers a powerful and flexible system that will help your company become more efficient and your equipment management systems more scalable all the while remaining reliable.

Enterprise and Metrology Labs - Indysoft Calibration is suitable for managing the assets of an enterprise and it's subsidiaries, as well as for Commercial or Metrology labs who provide calibration services for their client's gauges and equipment.


Commercial Labs

IndySoft Calibration Commercial Lab Edition is designed for any commercial calibration lab needing to manage their customer information, calibration/repair charges, and calibration management all in one inregrated system. brochure

IndySoft Calibration CLE is affordable enough to be used with smaller labs and at the same time flexible enough to handle the largest of labs spread out over multiple sites or continents.

With IndySofts exclusive configuration capabilities, CLE can be modelled to run labs by their own exacting requirements.

IndySoft Calibration CLE enables a lab to optimise daily workloads while removing the normal guesswork involved with a manual system.

Specific customer requests can be setup in IndySoft Calibration CLE then seamlessly handled during that customers work cycle.

Certs can be centrally modified to meet each customers requirements, give preferred customers a discount over and above your normal charges in moments without affecting the rest of your charge tables.

CLE extends the already comprehensive functionality of the Enterprise Edition by adding the features and functions which are required by Metrology Labs including Charge Estimation, Order Management and Invoicing.

With support for leading enterprise platforms the Commercial Lab Edition is perfect for deployment on both growing and large-scale corporate systems.

Through an exclusive process modeling engine, companies can configure their own event-driven system with checkpoints, rule sets and documentation at every point along the equipment path, ensuring assets are handled according to existing quality procedures.

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