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How You Process Orders

business type or sales order-mode

When evaluating suitable manufacturing solutions, it is actually less important which specific industry your are in, or exactly what you physically produce, what however is more important is how you produce and how you process Sales Orders.

If you are a order-driven high-mix, low-volume or jobshop business, then it is highly likely that your manufacturing throughput is constrained by your resource capacity and not by the availability of materials.

If however you are a high-volume, repetitive manufacturer, then it is likely that your manufacturing output is constrained by the supply of raw materials.

Pure Manufacturing is not designed for a specific industry type, however there are some which are more suitable, straight out of the box with no need for program customization.

Specifically targeted at low-volume, high-mix manufacturing and service or repair industries, Pure Manufacturing focuses on planning and optimising the utilisation of your manufacturing resources.

Job Shop / Custom Manufacturer

Manufactures component parts and / or sub assemblies to customer order and customer desing and specification. This type of company sells its capacity and its ability to deliver a quality product on time.

Engineer, Design or Build to Order

Designs and builds to the customer order. Sells design expertise in addition to selling capacity and its ability to deliver quality products on time.

Standard Product, Build-to-Order

Builds proprietary product to customer order, but may also manufacture common components, sub assemblies and long lead time items to stock.

This type of manufacturer typically cannot forecast demand accurately enough to be able to build to stock.

The inability to accurately forecast is a short coming due either to low order volume, or to broad vari­ability of product characteristics. Build to Stock manufacturing may account for a portion of the business, usually high sales volume products, quick ship products and spare parts.

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations - MRO

An engineering services related business who provides materials and services for planned or unplanned maintenance and repairs.

Spare parts, materials, internal and external operations are often not known when the service order is initially released, and are only determined after the inspection survey or dis-assembly of the product.

The ability to add-to and change a work order after release is crucial to this type of business.

Mixed Mode, Order Driven

A blend of one or more of the other manufacturing environments.