Job Planning and Tracking Software (MES)


PURE Manufacturing has been developed in collaboration with Singapore Manufacturers to be a highly intuitive, web-based Manufacturing Execution System providing the ability to easily define, plan, execute, control, monitor and optimise the entire production process. brochure

It is a manufacturing software specifically optimised for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing, engineering and service or repair businesses who are seeking to increase their utilisation, productivity and throughput through improved shop floor efficiency.

By using closed-loop, real-time feedback from the production shop floor, you can easily visualise each job flowing through production, be alerted to exceptions, become more proactive by taking action before an exception becomes an issue, and embrace lean manufacturing and kaizen methodologies.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) optimised for high-mix, low-volume.

PM comprises of two integrated web-enabled software solutions, one for the definition, planning and reporting of jobs in the production back office, and the other to manage production execution and perform real-time data collection from the production shop floor.

The office software apps run inside a web browser on full sized desktop PCs and provides the functionality typically used by Planners, Engineers, Supervisors and Managers.

Using rugged, specially designed wall-mounted touch-screen kiosks located around the production shop-floor, production operators record time spent working directly on jobs as well as other indirect activities such as meetings and cleaning tasks and breaks.

PURE Quality QMS is an optional extension to PURE MES that provides Total Quality Management capabilities that are fully integrated with the manufacturing modules.

You REALLY can...

  • Achieve measurable productivity gains
  • Eliminate your production 'black-hole'
  • Track WIP status & job movement
  • View progress as it actually happens
  • Improve job traceability & visibility
  • Manufacture with or without part numbers
  • Promote kaizen & lean manufacturing
  • Monitor & increase machine utilisation
  • View your machine daily loading plan
  • Record employee actual hours worked
  • Monitor & improve employee efficiency
  • Drag & drop jobs to assigned employees
  • Easily manage urgent or rush jobs
  • Drag & drop jobs to alternate resources
  • Reduce queue times and WIP inventory
  • Plan production with drag & drop
  • Juggle the schedule with 'Job Priorities'
  • Improve quoted lead time and delivery
  • Trace serial, lot, melt & heat numbers
  • Define, plan & record setup & run times
  • Use deviation codes to track defects
  • Group similar job types using 'Job Classes'
  • Create templates for repeat jobs
  • Compare quoted against actual job costs
  • Manage total quality with PURE Quality
  • Install & implement in just a few days
  • Add new users with minimal training
  • Export most screens & reports to MS Excel



  • Document Attachments 
    Files can be uploaded and attached to a single document as Private documents, or uploaded to a shared Public folder for attachment to multiple documents.
  • User-Defined Fields 
    Many screens provide user defined fields which can greatly reduce the need for customisation.
  • Rapid System Implementation 
    In most cases, full implementation can be achieved within a couple of days.

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