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Singapore's Leading Industry 4.0 Specialists

With a successful track record spanning three decades in Singapore, DiS specialise in Industry 4.0 / M.E.S integrated manufacturing and Q.M.S productivity cloud and on-premise software for the discrete manufacturing sector.

Your manufacturing shop-floor is the beating heart of your manufacturing business, and its ability to produce the highest quality products in the shortest possible lead-time and at the lowest possible cost, is key to your company’s success, profitability and growth.

If you are looking to boost Productivity, Utilisation, Efficiency, Throughput and Profit, then you should clearly be concentrating on cloud manufacturing software that focuses on optimising the efficiency of your production operations.

What is ERP Software

Many businesses invest in expensive, big-name E.R.P software expecting it to integrate every department, only to be disappointed and find that after implementation, it is only really suitable for the Accounting Department.

Due to the simplistic, inflexible manufacturing functionality of most E.R.P software, the Engineering, Planning, Production and Quality departments are unable to use the manufacturing software and instead revert to using the same Excel spreadsheets they used before the E.R.P software was installed.

This is because ERP Manufacturing Software solutions often try to be a 'Jack of all Trades', take many months to implement, and are generically designed to try and fit a wide range of business types such as trading, warehousing, retail, distribution and service sectors, resulting in a lack of industry focus and compromised functionality.

Work-order Visibility

In many high mix, low volume manufacturers, as soon as a Work-order job is released into production, it disappears into a manufacturing Black-Hole.

From there on, there is very poor visibility of job progress or status, and little or no feedback received until it finally emerges as a finished item.

And when a customer enquires about the status of their orders, often the only solution is to walk down to the production shop-floor, try to physically locate the job, and speak to the person who is working on it.

Pure Manufacturing enables you to not only view your production shop floor in real-time, but also to manage it from anywhere in the world.

The current COVID circuit breaker measure may prevent you from physically walking around you shop floor, but with Pure Manufacturing you are 'Virtually' There.

Full M.E.S integration between the production Shop-floor & back office

Workorder Management

Quickly and efficiently create, monitor and manage new and repeat workorder jobs and their associated processes, resource and material requirements.

Planning and Scheduling

Automatically schedule workorders, material requirements and machine loading based on customer want date, priority and available resource capacity.

Manufacturing Execution

Record your production operator's activities and WIP movement in real-time directly from the manufacturing shopfloor using rugged, barcode-enabled touch screen kiosks.

Track and Control

Real-time feedback provided from job definitions, production plans and real-time shopfloor execution.

Quality Management

Pure Quality is fully integrated with manufacturing enabling continual improvement and managing Product, Process, Perceived, Progresive, Production and Personnel and supporting ISO9001:2015

What is PURE Manufacturing M.E.S

Optimised for discrete High-Mix, Low-Volume; Jobshop; Manufacturing; Engineering and Service or Repair industries, PURE Manufacturing is a Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Execution System (M.E.S) designed not by software programmers, but by manufacturing professionals with decades of practical experience.

PURE Manufacturing M.E.S is available either cloud-based as a service or on-premise installation, and includes modules to Define, Plan, Track, Manage, Analyse and Report on the entire manufacturing process life cycle, providing live visibility and control over your manufacturing operations.

Desktop computers are generally unsuitable for the harsh manufacturing Shop-floor, so we have two design approaches for the user interfaces in PURE Manufacturing: desktop PC or tablet browser-enabled applications that are used by Managers, Engineers and Planners in the back-office, and interactive, barcode and R.F.I.D enabled Rugged Touch Screen Kiosks used by operators on the production Shop-floor.

Real-Time information captured directly from Shop-floor operators is used to update & track the progress and status of every job as it progresses through each of its manufacturing processes either by human operators, or through I.O.T Embedded devices..

By feeding this live execution data back and automatically updating the production plan, you can:

  • Embrace Industry 4.0 in your manufacturing workplace.

  • Quickly visualise the progress and flow of each Work-order.

  • Improve productivity, efficiency and machine utilisation.

  • Reduce queue times, lead times, costs and duplicated data entry.

  • Be automatically alerted to exceptions.

  • Accurately quote new jobs based on historical data.

  • Eliminate your manufacturing black hole.

  • Become less reactive and more proactive.

  • Spend less time fire-fighting and more time manufacturing.

Real Time M.E.S Benefits

An open-loop production planning system such as those used by most traditional E.R.P manufacturing software, is outdated immediately new orders are added, a customer order changes, or any work is performed on the processes, because they lack direct feedback with what is actually happening.

A closed-loop feedback system that enables real-time, accurate measurement of the actual progress against the planned is therefore essential in optimising any process, project or activity.

The effects of any adjustments or productivity improvements are then easily seen and measured, and the ability to learn from this historical data helps to effectively plan and optimise any future work.

Rapid Productivity Gains

Pure Manufacturing cloud software is so easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to use, you can have personnel adapted to it and fully using the system in just a few days, even if they have no previous experience with computerised manufacturing systems.

It will quickly help maximise your Efficiency, Machine Utilisation, Productivity and Throughput, enable you to embrace Industry 4.0, Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement methodologies, and provide your business with a competitive edge spending less time fire-fighting and more time productively manufacturing.

Due to a highly intuitive interface design and a clear industry focus, full implementation can often be achieved in a matter of days (instead of months as is the case with many solutions), allowing you to quickly see measurable results and experience a fast return on your investment (R.O.I).

Our Cloud Manufacturing Software is designed and developed in Singapore using cutting edge platforms, frameworks and technologies, and supports customisation of existing modules, as well as the integration of any special functionality which you may require.