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Implementation, customisation, training, support and helpdesk services

When you evaluate a software solution, it's essential to look beyond just the modules, features and functionality. A well-balanced evaluation should also consider the vendor's vision & commitment, and their experience & ability to deliver you with the professional services to ensure the effective implementation, use and on-going support.

Our customers are our business and we are proud of our reputation. We always go that one-step further in order to ensure that the investment you have made in our software is complimented with professional installation and implementation services, and that your users are properly educated in the use and administration of your system.

Since 1995, we have built considerable expertise in the implementation, customisation, training and support of our enterprise-wide business solutions to a broad range of manufacturing industries in Singapore and throughout the region.

We are able to leverage upon this experience providing you with the level of services needed to get you up and running and keep you there. Our Technical Services' mission is to provide the highest quality support in a professional, timely and cost-efficient manner.

From your initial requirements analysis, through the system design, installation, configuration, user training - right through to full system implementation and go-live, we provide you with the professional guidance you need, holding your hand every step of the way.

We take care to ensure that your system is properly implemented in the shortest possible time and that you can begin realising the system benefits and your ROI's sooner.

User and Administrator Training

We provide a wide variety of training sessions and workshops in a classroom type environment. These can be tailored to your needs, and are conducted using a hands-on approach.

They may be conducted during implementation in order to teach the users how to use the new system, but may also be conducted at any time after implementation, typically where new staff who were not present during the initial implementation require training.

The training involves the theoretical and hands-on training of your implementation team members in the daily use and administration of the system modules which you have invested in.

Installation and Full Implementation

Like any major project, the key to a successful manufacturing software implementation project includes planning, preparation as well as execution.

Our Consultants are manufacturing, accounting and systems professionals, who understand business operations and are skilled and experienced wth our solutions.

With over two decades of implementation experience, we ensure successful and efficient implementations by providing a strong implementation team with extensive certification programs for Application Consultants, extensive implementation documentation and tool kits, together with comprehensive training classes.

As a result, many customers are able to implement their system in less than 14 days.

Helpdesk and Technical Support

When your solution is fully implemented and up and running, you'll need someone to provide you with on going day-to-day technical support.

We offer Annual Maintenance and Help Desk & Support programs providing interactive support services to your trained users and administrators.

Our Help Desk is manned by experienced consultants who have extensive hand-on experience as they are the same Consultants who install, train, configure and implement our solutions.

Our help desk operates during normal business hours, Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm (excluding public holidays), and is available to all customers who have subscribed to one of our Maintenance or Support Programs.

If you are subscribed, then you can contact our Singapore help desk by phone at +65.6778.6355 or by email using our online contact form.

Of course there may be occasions when we are unable to resolve a request remotely by phone or email and we can also provide on-site support in order to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Custom Programming

We believe very much, that choosing a solution that is a best fit for your operational needs is essential in your solution selection process.

Trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole may ultimately result in frustrations, implementation delays and escalating costs.

But we also understand that the business world is both diverse and complex, that every business is unique, and that there will always be a level of customisation required in order to fine tune the solution to better suit your individual needs.

DiS provide software development, localisation and customisation services in order to allow you to derive maximum benefit from your manufacturing software solution.

From creating complex reports to extending existing functionality, building completely new functionality, and creating external applications which integrate with your existing application data.

We have all the knowledge, resources and expertise you need, and can also provide a quick turnaround on many jobs.